These are the missionaries we currently support. The missionaries with an asterisk(*) denote missionaries sent out of Mountain View Baptist Church.

Gary Ashley, Puerto Rico

Ken Board, Japan

Franklin Booth, Panama

* Mel Brown, Furlough Relief

Jeff Bush, Argentina

Stephen Byrd, Ecuador

Talmadge Campbell, Israel

Eric Chapman, Moldova

William Craig, Japan

Field Address:
4-10 Hino Cho
Japan 663-8022

Peter Denisi, Philippines

Robert Frazier, Mexico

Coleman Gabbard, New Zealand

Mike Gali, Chile

Kelly Gilliam, Australia

James Griggers, Austria

Bob Hall, Mexico

Elaine Hawkins, Brazil

Kedesh Jerome, French West Indies

Frank Jones, Mexico

3201 S. Jackson Rd.
Pharr, TX 78577

Ron Jones

* Lisa Kendrick, Military in Germany

* Keith Klaus, Austria

Tony Ledbetter, Haiti

Matt Litson, Ivory Coast

Kokou Loko, Togo

Sean Lunday, Brazil

Frank Maietta, Italy

Doroteo Mercedes


Roland Mitchum, Ukraine

Bob Nichols, Brazil

Ennis Pepper, South Africa

* Bob Piatt, Japan

John Pinnix

Dan Post, Ivory Coast

Scottie Rackley, Madagascar

Bruce Rice

Tom Rooney, England

Jean Rousseau, Quebec, Canada

Walt Schmidt, Furlough Relief

Frankie Sheridan, Chippewa Indians

Ben Shore, Scotland

Raymond Sowards, Great NW Indians

P.O. Box 219228
Houston, TX 77218

David Speights, Thailand

Stephen Spore, Vanuatu

Matthew Starin, Japan

Don Stewart, Australia

Charles Strong, Mexico

P.O. Box 191
Springfield, MO 65801

Harvey Sumner, Church Planting in the USA

5 King Street
Terryville, CT 06786

Nick Sutmaier, Mexico

Raul Trejo, Mexico

607 Alder Lane
Laredo, TX 78045

Julio Velasquez, Spain

Kevin White, Bolivia

Ron White, Japan and the World

Maurice Young, Taiwan

Field Address:
P.O. Box 302
TaiTung, 950, Taiwan
Republic of China

Additional Missionaries:

Mountain View Baptist Church supports other missionaries that minister in sensitive areas of the world. For their safety please do not share their personal information with others.

Ministering in the fields of:

Middle East